Kvyat: “it Seemed that I was not going to continue at Toro Rosso”


The season Daniil Kvyat seemed to be able to end his career in Formula 1, but the Russian pilot has managed to recover in the last few races and that has been enough to allow you to take a new opportunity in the training run by Red Bull.

Toro Rosso was your home in 2014 -when it premiered at the category – and he did catch a very good performance that earned him a chance in the Red Bull. After a 2015 promising, everything went wrong this year and, after four Major Prizes, was exchanged for Max Verstappen. “I Had a little slump in my performance mid-year for various reasons. At that point, it seemed that would not be in a Toro Rosso (in 2017), but then I got better after the summer break and completed a few races are very important”.

Statements felt swamped and unable to enjoy the Formula 1 made to fear for their future, but the summer recess allowed Kvyat to start from scratch and recover to the point of face-planting onto a Carlos Sainz in a state of grace. “In Red Bull you must have their trust, you can be sure that only happens if you’re a good pilot. There were more good performances after the summer break that were impossible to emphasize because in Spa and Monza we were in the middle of nowhere. In Singapore everything together and I felt good again, all my motivation, all my spark came back and I felt comfortable again with what I was doing, recognized Kvyat.


Daniil Kvyat has recovered the illusion and now it is again to be an asset for Toro Rosso, you do not end up relying on Pierre Gasly and will give a new opportunity for Kvyat, who has always been highly valued by his team Chief: Franz Tost. “I Started to enjoy it again and I said that I wanted to be here next year because in 2017 there is a big change of regulation and you never know what’s going to happen. It’s like starting again because this year has been incredibly long and complicated”.

Kvyat is aware that his career could have ended and you’re not willing to lose the opportunity that has been presented. “I’m going to give the best of myself to use this opportunity as best as possible”.

Carlos Sainz also was very pleased by the confirmation of Kvyat, which he considered to be a pilot very respectable and much appreciated. “We have raced together in almost all categories and I’m happy for him. He deserves that seat for the next year and I respect him a lot as a pilot. The next year will be very important for Toro Rosso, I believe the next year as another category. We know the team, we know each other, we know our weaknesses and how to carry the team”.