Kvyat on his departure from Red Bull: “Since I arrived, there were comments. I knew that something had”


Red Bull sold the change of pilots on their respective teams as a way of helping Daniil Kvyat to better manage the pressure suffered at Red Bull, with a start of the season hesitantly. Until now, the Russian pilot had remained on the sidelines and had refused to engage in polemics, but that seems to have changed.

In a statement reproduced by Autosport, the Russian pilot laments that in the Formula 1 sporting performance is only one of the variables that favor certain decisions. “Formula 1 is not just what you do on the track, there is a lot of
behind all of this, but I don’t want to discuss it now in an interview, I
what’s left for myself. I learned a lot and I have a memory very
long, I will remember this decision for them.”
, giving a glimpse of the rancor that still feels toward the team and its leaders.

“I Learned a lot and I have a memory very long, I will remember this decision for them”

Daniil Kvyat was replaced by Max Verstappen in the last Spanish Grand Prix, a race that subsequently the pilot Dutch won, becoming both the youngest ever driver to win a Formula 1 race. For the Russian, and his departure, in a way, it was written from the first day. “somehow, you always know that there is something, since I came to Red Bull, it was a trend, there were comments. I just concentrated on my work in the track but as it has been proven, was not enough. In Sochi, he had no idea, it was a shock, a decision is unclear at this time”.

For Daniil, who made his debut in Formula 1 with Toro Rosso after coming directly from the GP3, back to the team from Faenza is a breath of fresh air. “Now I am with Toro Rosso, a team that I like very much and with
the one that seems to be a mutual feeling. It seems that we have a lot of
potential and can be a step very good for my career”
says the Russian, giving to understand that their history in the universe Red Bull have an expiration date and should seek to call the attention of the rest of the face grill to 2017.

As a final reflection, Daniil Kvyat ensures that everything that happened has made him learn and mature, something that appreciates in the future. I learned a lot about life and about the Formula 1. I feel
that has made me a person and a rider stronger
because the Formula
1 is not only what you do on the track, unfortunately”