Kvyat: “Sainz and I have potential to be champions”


2017 it means a new start for Daniil Kvyat, which went from a meteoric rise from GP3 to Toro Rosso and then to Red Bull in just two years, to end again in the team of Faenza and with many options being left out of the category.

But the Russian recovered in time from the crushing blow of being replaced by Max Verstappen in Red Bull and this year has a new opportunity to return, slowly, to the top. In an interview for Sports World, Daniil Kvyat has analyzed the new season from all points of view.


“For me there are enough the two weeks of tests. And also as a team we would like to have more time. But these things are so. We lost a lot of time in the first week, there was not a perfect day. We must learn fast, learn on the fly and go to top. It is the only thing that we can do. I had one last day of complete test, because we gave a lot of laps, which has allowed them to understand better the performance of the car. If we didn’t have this, I would say that we are not yet ready, but now we are. We have enough information to go to Melbourne and fight”.

The new Renault engine

“Renault is known for its early somewhat conservative, but give a little time, because there has been a considerable improvement. What come together all over and the set will be powerful. And with a little more time, it will be stronger yet.”


“Aesthetically, I think that is the best of the grill, but the important thing is to be quick on the circuit. Every time I’ve gone up to the car, I have felt good, even though it is a new vehicle. I have not needed a lot of adjustment time and I have found the limits without problems. Now, go make progress and the goal was to obtain as much information as possible to improve the car. In terms of behavior, in general we expected a car much faster. We have a single-seater with more power than that of last year. In terms of tyres, we’re still learning. In Melbourne we will see how are things really with respect to our competitors, but in general the car looks good”.

Objectives in Australia

“we have Not set a goal in concrete. we Know who will be our competitors and we will try to lead this group, all over the world will attempt to do the same. It is difficult to predict anything. If we are there, perfect. If we are behind, we will have to work to improve things”.


Your goal of the season

“I’ve Always wanted to improve and make the work more consistent and clean as possible on track. Is what you have to do to be World Champion some day, I do not say this year. My goal is to fight for the title some day, I don’t know when or with what equipment. I want to have a car good enough to compete for the title. What team will be, that is another story. It is early to talk about the topic. Now I am with Toro Rosso and I want to give my 100% . That is what I want to do right now, and with what I enjoy.”

The evil drink of 2016

“What occurred in the past year I have left it stored in a drawer and do not remove it until you can serve me. I Am very prepared to tackle this season. I think that the past helps you to be better, to improve. It is like in the life itself. Of course I would not think about it and let the memory do not bother me, but that might not be. Now there is within me, and yes, it will help me in the future”.

Carlos Sainz

“It’s a great pilot, there is no need to tell me. It is very strong. All the F1 drivers are. For me personally, Carlos has not changed much in these six years. But their work has gone to more. The two are still very young, but has gone to more. The two we know we have to work many things still. But it is a professional pilot, very strong. Potentially the two of us can be champions. I have No doubt, with the right coach we can be”.