La Tomatina ends with a Google Street View car

La Tomatina . Who does not know that bacchanal dedicated to waste food, full of drunken strangers? Sorry to be so harsh, but images like this article presiding not only confirm my theory: the overcrowding of certain cultural traditions does not bring good results. The world famous La Tomatina in Buñol attracted the attention of Google, which decided photograph the party with a Street View car . As you can see, taking pictures at 360 degrees just it did not end well .

Google wanted to take the 70th anniversary celebration of La Tomatina.

According to the City of Buñol, the car through the streets early, still seething in battle throwing tomatoes. What happened next was seen coming: a group of attendees got in the car – I guess to throw tomatoes over destination or simply draw attention – while the car was bombarded with tomato pulp in industrial quantities. The result is obvious: the Opel Astra and expensive system cameras have recorded considerable damage


street-view-tomatina-2 body dented, torn mirrors and wipers, windshield smashed and shattered cameras . The car is insured, and both Google and the City of Buñol have taken quickly to the incident iron, in the spirit not to stain the reputation of La Tomatina. I guess he wanted to downplay the wrong decision – therefore Google as Buñol – to put a car full of tomato-pitched battle. Fortunately that there has been no injuries of any kind (La Vanguardia).

According to British newspaper Daily Mail, more than 22,000 people attended La Tomatina , from 96 different countries. For years, non-residents must pay 10 euros for the right to attend this party.

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