Lada 4×4 Bronto: A version extreme the Niva

The off-road of the brand Russian improves its capabilities with this new release, “Bronto”, which adds a reinforced chassis and some aesthetic details specific.

yes as Mercedes-Benz has to its division AMG or Renault Renault Sport, the brand Lada also has a division that specializes in the creation of special models. It is Bronto, a company that operates in close collaboration with AvtoVAZ.

For those customers that the capabilities of the off-road of the brand Russian will not suffice, the Lada 4×4 Bronto developed by the division of special vehicles of the firm in Russian, could be the solution.

This version of the off-road differs from the model 4×4 conventional, not only by the addition of a few aesthetic details that make it unique, but in addition by a number of improvements in the (mechanical that are able to improve their abilities out of the way.

The Lada 4×4 Bronto improves the chassis with a few front coil springs reinforced as well as by the new shock-absorbers, in addition to a few rear axles reinforced and a new limited-slip differential. Couple to improve their ability in difficult terrain, Bronto increased in addition in 35 millimeters, the height of the vehicle with respect to the ground, adding in addition to some wheels of larger diameter and a tire larger.

Outwardly be recognized by its bumper of new design, as well as the front grille and the moldings unpainted plastic in the wheel arches and at the bottom of the body, the roof rails and the wheels larger.

Under the hood hides a gasoline engine of 1.7 liters that develops 83 HP of power and a maximum torque of 129 Nm. The propellant is combined with a manual change of five speeds and according to the information supplied by the manufacturer can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 18 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 137 km/h.

The endowment includes brakes ABS with EBD, air conditioning, front seats heated, door mirrors with electric adjustment, fog lights, etc In option also the client will be able to mount protection for the lower area of the engine and lights of long reach over the roof.

prices Lada 4×4 Bronto in Russia start from 656.000 roubles, around 9,600 euros at the current exchange rate.