Lada is already working (again) in the replacement of the indestructible Niva

Lada Niva

Lada Niva is perhaps the all-terrain most old and effective (with the excuse of Land Rover) in the world. Drives on the market, without major changes, thirty years ago but it seems that the brand Russian and never find the ideal time to launch a new generation. We have had news about the launch on the market of a new Niva in all the years since about five years ago to here, but real seems not to have been any.

On this occasion it seems that the information is real because the new Niva could get to the market face to the next year. All of this is preceded by the presentation of the XCode Concept for the signing the Russian-unveiled at the motor show of Moscow and the update that suffered the XRay done few months. However will see if adopts the image that the brand is implementing in its models or bet for a few more lines retro to keep the spirit of the original.

Lada Niva concept

According to Nicolas Maure, current CEO of Autovaz array (Lada), the company is working on a new generation of the Niva. Surely the firm’s engineers Russian will be considered using one of the platforms that have in the mark or use one of the Renault-Nissan Alliance array (Autovaz). This will reduce the costs of development to the philosophy of the low cost model will not be lost.

Of all ways the next iteration of the Lada Niva will hit the market with two bodies different; one of three doors and a more practical five (taking into account that the current model is only sold with the first body). Their range mechanics surely yes that will be formed by the engines (diesel and gasoline) from the Renault-Nissan Alliance since they are more modern and frugal and are adapted to the tastes of european customers.

most likely organ donor, platform, and mechanical will be the new generation of the Dacia Duster since you will soon and very improved compared to current. Will have to see if the Niva returns true, or remains the story never to end.

Source – Autovaz

Lada Niva
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