Lada joins the 'brain drain' and leaves the WTCC


In just a week, the VAG Group has restructured its sports programs, putting an end to the projects of Audi in the WEC and Volkswagen in the WRC, but has not been the only major manufacturer to move tab. According to ‘TouringCarTimes’, Lada will leave the WTCC at the end of this season. In this way, Lada Sport will leave the World Touring car after five seasons in which he has joined two victories with the Lada Granta WTCC and two others, with the new Lada Vesta, both vehicles developed under the technical regulations TC1 in the last three years.

If something cannot be denied to Lada Sport is the great effort that has been carried out continuously in order to compete in the WTCC. In his first dabbling with the contest competed with the humble Lada 100 2.0, and then using the Lada Priora. Since his return to competition in 2012 has been able to develop four different vehicles as they began to compete with the Lada Granta, a car that received a great evolution in 2013 before mutate completely in 2014 the result of the introduction of the regulations TC1. After these three versions of the Granta, Lada evolved from zero the Lada Vesta.

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