Lada Kalina NFR 2016, the Lada more powerful and sporty


¿A Lada sport? Perhaps this adjective is not accompanied by usual manner to the models of the Russian manufacturer, but there can always be exceptions. And the Lada Kalina NFR 2016 is precisely one of them, becoming the Lada more powerful and prestacional manufactured currently.

Lada Kalina NFR adopts a maximum torque of the engine of 1.6 liters and four cylinders, with 136 CV and a maximum torque of 154 Nm. True, his power will not make you lose the head, with a figure relatively modest that can be found in a multitude of utilities without major pretensions, but still going beyond what is usual in cars of AutoVAZ.

With manual change of five speeds, the Kalina NFR is helped a weight very content, allowing you to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 9,2 seconds. Its maximum speed is 203 km/h, a figure that would clash in a real GTI compact two or three decades ago.


This orientation more sporting than presumed the Lada Kalina NFR it can be seen also in its exterior, with details such as their alloy wheels of 17 inches with tires 205/40 or your side skirts. Your frame is specific to this version, adopting largest brakes, sport suspension tuning, more firm and a more direct address.

Between the standard equipment of the Lada Kalina NFR you’ll also find ABS+EBD (ESP), air conditioning, sport seats and mirrors heated, parking sensor rear, or a sound system with four speakers and touch screen of seven inches.

In this way, Lada will offer a sport-utility that will look to take advantage of the pull -in terms of the image – of his participation in the World Touring car WTCC with the Lada Vesta TC1. The Lada Kalina NFR will be on sale in Russia coming soon, to a very limited extent: during this year will be sold only 50 units, at a price of 820,000 roubles, 10.500 euros at the current exchange rate.