Lada Niva, without a substitute up 2018


If we are speaking of “old rockers”, the representative of Russia can be no other but the Lada Niva (or Lada 4×4). Launched in 1977, and holds with minimal changes, the last date of 2014, but it is high time to offer something more modern. According to Izvestia, we’ll be here three years.

right Now the Russian market is retreating much by the confluence of several problems: collapse of the price of the ruble, the low price of a barrel of oil (lastra the economy), and the international sanctions following the crisis in Ukraine. The recovery of the Russian market is expected for those dates, the most auspicious time to make a throw.

rumors speak of bodies of three and five doors (which already exists), the interior more modern, new technologies… but keeping the essence of vehicle rural and suitable for the harsh Russian winters, and areas where there are no paved roads. Will still be simple, but with solutions that are more modern.

Not necessarily the new model will do away with the old, you can continue to develop as long as there is demand.