Lada returns to Cuba after ten long years of absence

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Cuba is one of the few countries in the world in which the automotive sector seems to have been anchored in the early years of the last century. Its fleet is a real gem, because it is the only place in the world where we can see models that have become extinct centuries ago (notice the comparison with the dinosaurs). However, with the opening of the Castro Regime seems to return to the enter new brands and models to be sold in the country.

The problem of this opening is that the brands that are coming up have to deal with high rates on imports. The result of these is that the selling prices are prohibitive and only they can allow three or four people on the island. For this reason, we will see the arrival in Cuba of the that, for us, are the brands low cost Europe, since, thanks to its low cost, the price will continue to dash even though they apply the tax to imported products.

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The house has decided to return to Cuba after twelve years of absence it is the Russian Lada. AutoVaz has given the green light to your signature re-sell their cars in the cuban market. However, we must not think that what they will do for the large door or with an extensive distribution network. The first shipment of Ladas to Cuba will be formed by 300 units between Vestas and Largus.

The first destination of these cars will be companies premises engaged in the car rental for tourists coming to the island. In addition, other sectors in need of new vehicles are the taxi drivers, since many of them need to renew their fleet in order to give a good service to the customers. However, these cars will not even reach the country before the month of may, so we assume that it will open a list to which interested parties are notes and which could have an option to acquire a model.

The company in charge of its distribution in Cuba is the company Ivekta and at the same time will also be in charge of providing the services in terms of warranty and maintenance. The prices of these models have not been communicated to or by Lada or by AutoVaz, but we imagine that will be at a level still prohibitive for cubans.

Source – AutoVaz – Lada

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