Lada Vesta Combi 2018: the first images of the new variant family


These are the first images of the new Vesta Combi.

Lada is not a brand that we tend to talk about too, from for many years, he retired to his market home, where it now operates as a partner of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Of this collaboration are born models such as the Vesta, a compact sedan that is manufactured in the new plant in Izhevsk.

The issue that have been able to capture our photographers corresponds to the first drive view of the family version of the Vesta, so this is the first time that we see this new variant Combi on the street.

This new version will be incorporated into the range Vesta in 2018, which began its manufacture in September of 2015, so we can say that a model is still young in the market.


Will hit the market in 2018.

Attending to your body, in the front area is clearly recognizable belonging to the range Vesta. Their camouflage is very bare-bones, especially in the front, although at the back we discovered a couple more camouflaged, as are the windows to the side and rear. The gate looks fairly straight, with a bezel very steep, and by what you see in the images, the pilots are ways horizontal.

When it comes to the market in the coming year, surely will have the engines already available in the Vesta current, an array composed of blocks of 4 cylinders. The transmissions available are a manual box source Renault and an automatic transmission developed by AvtoVaz, the parent company of Lada. These engines will benefit from approval Euro6, as the company aims to return to some european markets.

The unit of the images was seen in Germany, one of the main european markets, where the russians want to go back to access, with products such as the Vesta, cutting economic but close to the european standards.