Lada Vesta Cross Concept and Sport Concept: more robustness and dynamism, with bodywork sedan or family


Lada Vesta Cross Concept Sedan (2016)

The Lada XCODE, the Concept has not been the only novelty presented by the Russian manufacturer in the Hall of Moscow 2016: there has been very aware of the Lada Vesta, with no less than three prototypes were previously unreleased that seem very close to the production. This compact sedan is having a lot of success in his native country, and was in fact the fourth best-selling model in Russia in July of 2016.

Started by [Lada Vesta Cross Concept Sedan, which shows us to be a Lada Vesta more robust. The style of the Volvo S60 Cross Country -bridging the huge distances between both-, in the Vesta Cross Concept Sedan we found a body four-door with height on-high and side guards of black plastic in their low and wheel arches.


Lada Vesta Cross Concept SW (2016)

Conceived as mix of a sedan and a crossover, the Lada Vesta Cross Concept Sedan was slightly improved in their ability to shoot on land not paved, although keeping your front-wheel drive, while offering a more dynamic and active. The second prototype maintains all of these features, but in body family: we refer to Lada Vesta Cross Concept SW.

Here again we find an approximation of ‘crossover’ by the outside reinforced, but in this case drawing inspiration from the Allroad from Audi: it is a good preview of the design that we expect to see in a next Lada Vesta SW, providing greater practicality thanks to your gate rear and a trunk that will exceed the 480-litres of the Lada Vesta sedan. Finally, tap to talk about the third prototype, the Lada Vesta Sport Concept.


Lada Vesta Sport Concept (2016)

Keeping the sedan body, the Lada Vesta Sport Concept advances a future version more dynamics in the model, which will seek to leverage the image of Lada Vesta WTCC racing. Without too many radicalismos, in the Vesta Sport find alloy wheels of a bigger size and a sports suspension lowered.

A small rear spoiler or a body kit that includes side skirts and inserts lower on your bumper, put the remaining notes sports. Your engine has not said anything, but the 136 HP of the Lada Kalina NFR fit well in a future Lada Vesta Sport production, which seems very feasible.