Lada Vesta Signature. The XL version of the Vesta comes to the Russian market

Lada Vesta Signature frontal Lada Vesta is a midsize sedan that is currently on sale in the Russian market and appendages. Account with dimensions of 4,41 meters long, 1,76 meters wide and 1.50 meters high. Is developed from the platform of the Alliance Renault-Nissan for the segment B/C, but adapted by the engineers of Lada to behave better on the roads broken from the former USSR.

On an aesthetic level we can say that is a model resulted, since it does not seem as low cost as one might think. Its engine range is composed by two petrol engines atmospheric. A block of four cylinders with 1.6 liters of displacement and 16 valves, which develops a power of 106 hp. The second block will be the same 1.6 but with 8 valves and a management different electronics to spend to pay 87 cv. Both mechanical are coupled to a gearbox five-speed manual.

Lada Vesta Signature perfilhowever in all markets the customers do not have the same tastes. This causes the marks to be adapted to the needs of the consumers of the area. Such is the case of the sedans with a space for the occupants more wide. This kind of accommodations are in great demand in markets such as the chinese and Russian. Therefore to satisfy the most demanding clients with the space to the mark Russian launch to the market the Lada Vesta Signature.

To develop this version game has the same platform B/C that gives life to the Vesta original and has stretched its wheelbase, nothing more and nothing less than 20 centimeters. This growth can be seen in the unusual as they have their rear doors. This is why the growth has been focused, exclusively from the B-pillar of the car and to not make structural modifications that increase the car cost, we have opted to expand the size of these.

With this modification, the Lada Vesta Signature becomes a mini limousine with a rear huge. The quality that it offers in its interior is not low cost, but neither is at the height of what might be expected of a car of this type. However as a equipment of comfort and safety will incorporate of series the climate control, stability control, integrated navigation system with touch screen and bluetooth, among others.

mechanically the Lada Vesta Signature it is likely that you do not mount the propellers more modest Vesta normal. Therefore, in order to improve its packaging will mount a block gasoline maximum power with 1.8-liter and 16v that yields a power of 122 HP. This mechanism will be associated with a new gearbox robotised six-speed transmission.

Source – Lada

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