Lada XCode, the new bet of Lada in the SUV segment

Lada XCode conceptWe have known the first teaser of the Lada XCode, that will be the new concept for the signature Russian Lada will present at the end of August in the International motor show of Moscow. Next to the Vesta and XRay, Lada (integrated in the Renault-Nissan Alliance), wants to modernize its image to, once and for all, make the leap with guarantees to the european market, leaving behind comparisons on your character, low cost or poor reliability.

If we look at the top image, the XCode it looks like an SUV smaller of what it really is, hinting at his silhouette that has only three doors, because the rear cannot be seen with clarity. The prototypical recalls for the basic lines of your front XRay the small SUV Lada, which was also presented at the International motor show in Moscow in 2012; in addition, by the combination of colors also seems to Renault Capture.


The Lada XCode, the Concept takes a few lines of the Lada XRay

however, if we fix in this teaser, in which we see the concept of profile, we can not avoid to compare its design with that of the Nissan Juke, since the fall of the roof with the small integrated spoiler, the shape of its C-pillar and the rear lights, betraying its inspiration. In addition, we note that the tire and wheel also seem dangerously close to those of the small japanese.

This model, following the strategy of Renault-Nissan, possibly borrow the platform of the Dacia Duster, however, if we look at the teaser, the length of the model seems to indicate that it will be larger than the XRay, and could be located in the heart of the segment compact SUV, that is to say, you might have a length of 4,30 meters.

With respect to the engines or technical characteristics, nothing is known yet, though at the end of August, when it is presented at the International motor show of Moscow.

Source – Lada