Lady Gaga is seen in a Chevy by The Way

These days Lady Gaga surprised the post on your profile official Facebook a photograph of her mounted on a classic Chevrolet El Camino, next to the caption ‘Some things never go out of fashion’.

Lady-Gaga-Chevrolet-El-CaminoOrne of the most eccentric contemporary artists surprised us this week by posing as the head of a real american classic. Fully dressed in black, with dark glasses, a hat, and your arm hanging down, almost in the style of a truck driver, Lady Gaga was photographed in a Chevrolet El Camino.

although the photograph was uploaded by Lady Gaga to your profile official Facebook, along with a message that said ‘Some things never go out of fashion’ unknown is the artist is the owner of the car or if, on the contrary was only used to pose in the photo. However, we know that Lady Gaga is no stranger to the world of cars, as has already been seen with Porsche and McLaren current, as well as some other classics.

Britney Spears, Lady Gaga Which of them is the true inheritor of Madonna? we don’t know really, but at least we are it seems at least sympathetic to the artist of 29 years of age like the classic cars like the Chevy El Camino.