LaFerrari Spider: only 70 units and 5.1 million euros for the first

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider is already on the way, but what nobody could imagine is that before they began their deliveries already know of the first case, the result of much tedious speculation that the sector of the car. If done with a LaFerrari was already hard and very soon increased its value above all odds, the case of the new LaFerrari Spider will be even worse, and is that we already have the announcement of the sale of which will be the first drive of the LaFerrari Spider for an astronomical price.


There will be only 70 units of the LaFerrari Spider, and they are already all sold… the cocktail perfect for speculators

Nothing less than 5.1 million euros, with 19% of impuestros included… less bad, for take you home the first LaFerrari Spider which will be delivered as part of a special edition, only 70 units. We already knew that Ferrari was going to walk with feet of lead with the idea in mind of making as many LaFerrari Spider as the LaFerrari Coupe, but such is intended to be the exclusivity of the convertible version that so only produce 70 units of the convertible version for the 499 units of the variant roof closed.

Ferrari warned since it was launched the LaFerrari, you have a possible convertible version, it would be very expensive by the need to create a carbon-fibre monocoque, completely new. This catamaran, one of the most important pieces of the LaFerrari, is built not only to provide very strong resistance, but to serve the supercar as an element of union between the sub-frame. At the level of the chassis, the monocoque that makes the passenger compartment is the main piece of the LaFerrari. Make your convertible version requires, therefore, developing a monocoque is completely new to allow the use of different doors and the possibility of circular descapotados without compromising the performance of the set. What justifies this detail your price increase?

laferrari-2016-0015The actual selling price of the LaFerrari Spider is still unknown, at least for those who can’t afford it, even so it is estimated that about 2.3 million euros. A server can confirm, thanks to contacts that we have within Ferrari, and the LaFerrari Spider already has all of their production allocated and that its official presentation will take place at the Paris motor show. But if you have not been one of the first 70 fortunate to get the LaFerrari Spider first-hand, you’ll always be the first to get one second-hand…