Laguna Goodbye, Hello Renault Talisman: face to face with the new French hatchback

Renault has renewed its sedan, its alternative D segment, in 508, his Volkswagen Passat. Goodbye Renault Laguna welcome Renault Talisman . The break has been total, not only in its name. new design language, new qualities, many more technology, new vocation … We traveled to France to attend the premiere, we talked with the head of his design Laurens Van den Acker and of course we searched and fondled each of its corners, so join us and meet t ll the details, first hand, about the new Renault Talisman .

The Château de Chantilly as a stage

7am Monday, July 6 and heading to the airport. The appointment is at 9 am, but no jam Monday spares neither in the July and the margin is necessary. The plan goes through fly to Paris and go to Paris until Château de Chantilly aboard a bus.

scorching sun That thought left behind in Madrid with us, there is no way to give the slip. Renault has chosen this palace, the Château de Chantilly, century XVI , to present his new sedan. No, the show is not going to be carried out in one of their classrooms, they take us to one of his gardens. A short lunch and there are, sitting in bleachers waiting for Renault unveils its new sedan.

Margot Lafitte pilot of the European championship GT3 and several one-make cups (Peugeot RCZ Megane, Leon …) and journalist, is responsible presenter of exercise, but is soon cede the microphone to witness Carlos Ghosn .

After a brief introduction the doors on the back of Ghosn start moving exposing one of the lakes in the palace gardens. In the distance begins to take shape the silhouette of the new Renault Talisman .

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_1 Two units come across a walkway located on the lake, two other units on the scene also on stage. Before us the new Renault Talisman before us the new Renault sedan .

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_2 cameras, mobile high, tweets, whispers. Rigor mails arrive with all the details while Ghosn unison we finally reveals this alternative to Volkswagen Passat.

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_6 The break with the past, with the Laguna, is important. The change goes beyond stylistic goes beyond the adoption of the new design features of the brand, features which incidentally we introduced Laurens Van Acker director of industrial design of the brand.

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_5 I am shocked his behind . We still is time to get down the stairs to see the car in a few minutes we will have the opportunity to do so, but I can not help but comment and my companions stand the look of the whole gate, with that spoiler perfectly integrated optics.

He looks over, he looks with sophisticated air with more risky than the Volkswagen Passat countenance. The daytime optics attract much attention as does the design of the taillights.

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_16 Carlos Ghosn speaks French plant Douai where it will occur, a plant that has received an investment of 420 000 000 euros. After a brief conversation he hastens to invite us down to see up close the cars, “toquetearlos”. I like the ribbed hood. Yes, certainly has good size.

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_51 Do you sound your tires? These, of 19 inches , are also employed in the new Renault Espace, both in versions Initiale and yes, the shapes of their radios evoke the Eiffel Tower.

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_14 Design your back I think is a step above its front riskier, more innovative, but again, as in the Passat, I run into a detail that not me like anything. their escapes

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_45 That they speak their tailpipes, these fixtures in metallic color, are not actually part of the exhaust system and not, not that the actual outputs are inside, but outputs are a simple lie blinded by a subsequent plastic applied.

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_21 Miro quickly one of the dossiers which have given us, I find myself with a length of 4.85 meters. is longer than the Laguna, the Passat, the C5 and Insignia .

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_50 But … what about your cabin?

In his inside everything we encounter a wide range of good details , but of course, we must also bear in mind that before us we have four units that represent the best of the range This new Talisman.

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_48 environmental lights, Bose sound system …

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_28 Beyond the details we find good materials and settings . Leather and wood are divided by a dashboard featuring a large touch screen of 8.7 inches, which shows a multimedia system obviously shared with the new Espace, the R-Link 2. A good interface, good transitions …

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_36 I like your roulette metallic appearance.

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_35 Before me, sitting in the cockpit, I run with digital instrumentation that changes appearance when you select any of several driving modes, modes also influence the performance of the box automatic transmission, in the management, delivery of the engine, its sound, its damping and even the 4Control system name that leads to the system of steering wheels on both axles and easier maneuvering and improves stability.

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_26 The Renault Talisman has a good habitability with good legroom in the rear seats, although their height is insufficient for those who prowl a height of about 1.90 m.

Its front seats are comfortable, with a large surface area, electrically adjustable, heated and ventilated.

Its trunk is quite large . It has a capacity of 608 liters hidden under his floor space sufficient to accommodate a wheel with tire equal size mounted.

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_34 so I stay with good set of materials, settings and good technological details such as your entertainment system or ambient lighting. It is comfortable and offers good space, although, as I mentioned, is improved in areas such as the height available.

The weight of fleets: chatting with Jean-François Renaud

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_47 The day with the Renault Talisman also awaited us a chat with Jean-François Renaud , responsible for brand marketing, which has become a round of questions and answers in the stands where minutes before the launch expected Renault Talisman.

Renaud talks about the Talisman project was born from a blank sheet a break with the Renault Laguna , also how you will face the Volkswagen Passat from perspective “less cold “mentions” more Latino, more passionate “ In addition to relying on the distinction of driving modes.

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_44 Will there be a more powerful engine? Any hybrid? We asked.

“With the current range of engines we cover 85% of demand for engines, do not believe for now necessary new engines”.

also we talked about future bodies of Renault Talisman family will arrive in the next Hall of Frankfurt and not will not be a coupe Renault Talisman or a model in the range charge to replace the Renault Laguna Coupe.

warns us that production has already begun, although even with a small production. The first units will be delivered later this year in France, in Spain will come early this year.

Laurens Van Den Acker

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_39 A tap on the shoulder warns me. Laurens Van Den Acker a seat waiting for me below. It is time to talk about design.

The design language developed by Laurens Van Den Acker is based on an “Cycle of Life” under which life was given at the time to the conceptual models today, slowly and under timely reinterpretation of production come to the streets. The “Cycle of Life” takes us to the “Love” to “Browse”, the “Family”, “Work”, the “Fun” and “Wisdom”, in which enmarcaríamos to Talisman?

Van Den Acker it includes “Work” and speaks of something that we had talked Renaud minutes before. The fleets, companies, they will play a key role in the sales of the Renault Talisman . It is expected that more than half, 60% of the units sold, are directed to this channel.

The creative process, the design process, it takes about four years , with a team of between 15 and 20 designers . I wonder if the Talisman era this design language and not just we still have this line of design rather, between 5 or 6 more models me confirms Van Den Acker, until early 2017 .

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_46 also discussed the design of the rear, I congratulate you on the work done with the wing of the trunk and taillights, the tells me again that the less cold, more risky than the Germans Latin Design.

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_18 “What is the progress that has determined the design of today’s cars?” He asked. “The lights LED screens and multimedia systems” he answers me and takes the opportunity to tell the large screen Talisman.

Le called. Ahead expect a long list of media to attend to. He says goodbye and went down the stairs again. Now there are far fewer people around cars making it easier to photograph and allowing more quietly fiddling with the details of your interior.

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_44 Renault has also arranged a small “workshop” to talk with experts from the mark on the mechanical. The Talisman is built on the platform of the Renault Espace, a modular platform dubbed “Common Module Family” .

renault_Talisman_premiere_DM_2015_mdm_41 This platform will be accompanied by a power of 110 hp 1.5 diesel and 1.6 diesel also 130 and 160 horses. The petrol range is up to two engines, one 150 and one 200 horsepower and no shortage of gearboxes EDC double clutch.

It is time to retreat, returning to the airport. We have to say goodbye to the Talisman until a future event where you can learn more about the new D-segment sedan Renault.


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