Lamborghini and Domenicali did not rule out his return to F1

Lamborghini de Fórmula 1

The mythical firm of supercars Italian, yes, I speak of Lamborghini, one manufacturer of tractors that one day dared to challenge Ferrari and build supercars as good or more as the Ferrari also flirted in the past with Formula 1 and we saw their cars roll in the circuits historical of this motor sport.

well, now the new direction that will take the F1 with the new owners of the which is expected to make major changes to improve the sport and return it to the top, but will progressively, and not radical, is opening new doors to manufacturers that they looked toward the other side and did not want to enter in F1, large and major manufacturers could get to the great circus if the costs are reduced.

Stefano Domenicali

Stefano Domenicali and, who was team boss of Ferrari F1 in the times of Fernando Alonso left the team, or better said, he was thrown by the lack of performance. Outside of F1, he joined Lamborghini as a substitute of Winkelmann, and now could return, who knows… back to the top category of the engine of the hand of this firm.

Stefano has commented that “If the platform changed and we have the strength as a company… The response is ‘why not?’ Could happen.” Those have been his words before the possibility of a return. But many firms have already said this in the past or recently, as in the case of Volkswagen or Alfa Romeo, and you take it easy, because it is not safe, and much less will happen immediately.