Lamborghini Aventador, so much power does not allow a version of propulsion


The Lamborghini Aventador will not be propelled back in any of its editions

Lamborghini states that the Aventador will only be available with traction to the four wheels. Most recently, he was presented a version of his younger brother, propulsion, Hurricane LP580-2, and still we await a variant still more radical. However, this will not occur in the range of the Winnower.

so Much power and torque can only be controlled with four-wheel-drive

it Turns out that the reasons that have been given by the manufacturer are very clear: the Lamborghini Aventador is too powerful to be a supercar propulsion rear. As has declared to magazine Autocar Maurizio Reggiani, Director of R+D, ” will be only four-wheel drive because we have so much power and torque that you manage; that with only four-wheel drive you are able to deal with them .

The V12 of the Hurricane is too powerful for a configuration of propulsion rear. The twelve-cylinder sports up 720 HP and 690 Nm of torque are well above the V10 Hurricane of propulsion with its 580 HP and 540 Nm. In the beginning through the use of simulations was possible for a hurricane of propulsion, but the Aventador was designed initially to be offered with all-wheel drive in all its versions.

If you want to possess a Aventador propulsion you’ll have to request it to be modified by a coach external. For example, Oakley Design provides a preparation from a few years ago called the Aventador LP760-2, the name of which indicates an increase of the power up to 760 HP and sending it exclusively to the rear axle. The bad thing is that it only decided to produce five units and since a long time ago that they are all sold.

however, the manufacturer does not close the door for a Lamborghini Urus use only two-wheel-drive in the future, the rear axle of course, as the all-rounder will not be a 4×4 pure but will be more focused on your road traffic and the high performance made in Lamborghini to transport the whole family, everything that a lover of the brand hopes to.