Lamborghini believes that an Aventador rear-wheel-drive would be too much for their owners

The profile of owner of Lamborghini is the most varied. On the one hand, we have fans hardcore the supercar Italian, but we also have rich people who simply want to be seen in a car very eye-catching and very expensive. Think of a profile type Justin Bieber, to get an idea. The Winnower is the most powerful car and exclusive of St. Agatha – with the permission of the Poison – and it seems to be that there will not be a radical version of rear-wheel-drive. The question is why Lamborghini has taken this decision.

Lamborghini believes that its clients are not prepared to master a V12 of 700 CV with two wheel drive only.

In Lamborghini have not said expressly that the potential of your 6.5 V12 700 HP – 750 HP in the case of the Aventador SV – that is too much for their customers. Have been elegant and have been told that its enormous benefits are not available without a system of total traction permanent. All of the internal control systems of the car, as well as its transmission or electronic aids, are designed for a car’s all-wheel drive. This is why all of its variants will retain invariably the scheme of all-wheel-drive.


however, after several simulations computerized, have not had a problem in creating a version of traction in the rear of the Lamborghini Hurricane, the LP580-2. Okay, “only” has 580 HP of power and your engine 5.2 V10 has two cylinders, and 1.3 liters less displacement. The Hurricane shares a platform with the Audi R8, which will be offered only with all-wheel drive permanent. If you read between the lines, it seems sensible does not produce an Aventador rear-wheel-drive might respond to commercial reasons.

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