Lamborghini celebrates the production of the unit 10 thousand of the Hurricane

When we talk about Lamborghini, or any other firm that form the firmament of the supercars, we think that they have some sales very high, but in these cases it is not so. The reason behind this is that first of all have to maintain its exclusiveness above all, but there are always cases that demonstrate that there are always products that stand out above all the others.

In the case of the signature of Sant’agata Bolognese the access model to its range is the super sports car Hurricane. This model, which came to market in the year 2014 to replace the spectacular Gallardo, managed to register at the end of last year, total sales are higher 9 thousand units. However, the customers of the Italian firm have followed betting by the Hurricane, because you just achieved a new milestone.

As has been communicated by the own Lamborghini in these days has come out of the assembly line unit 10 thousand of the Hurricane. The model gracefully corresponds to the special version Performante Coupe dress in green Mantis (the same that looked the GT3 that won the 24 Hours of Daytona). The name of its owner has not been revealed, but the brand has confirmed that this is going to go to Canada.

If we make the numbers we will find that the Hurricane could become the best-selling model in the entire history of Lamborghini. The Gallardo, which was in production for eleven years, managed to market in all that time, 14.022 units, a figure that could be surpassed by the Hurricane. The reason that may enable this situation has to do with the the time that will be for sale, since they do not expect their generational renewal in the short term.

This situation has been confirmed by the Maurizio Reggiani, Technical Director of Lamborghini as announced that they are working on the next generation of its access model but no confirmed arrival date. For now, the only data that we know from this model is that you will have a petrol engine in central position with 10 cylinders in V and the possibility of including propulsion rear, and all-wheel drive. In addition, it could also include a hybrid version, although this mechanism is not known data.

Source – Lamborghini

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