Lamborghini “Centennial”, sold prior to its public release in Geneva


approaching the centenary of the founder, and the 50th anniversary of the first model, the Miura

The surprise for the Geneva motor show has the provisional name of Lamborghini Centennial. We do not have very clear what it will be, as the company has not provided or images or technical data. A group of very select millionaires yes you know, the ones that have ordered the car and have it paid for.

points to an evolved version of the Aventador, V12 engine and 760 HP, with the latest advances in technology, and everything in order to be driven legally on the street.

The source estimates that the future owners will loose about 2.2 million euros per head. Coach believes that the production will be 40 units, 20 coupes and 20 roadsters. We have a history in the Reventón, Sesto Element and the Veneno, the height of the exclusivity that only a few can afford.

Lamborghini, you can afford to sell those cars before they see the general public, by contacting directly with the target audience. Put the price you put, you will always find people enough capricious as to deal with it.

so, when we see finally what is the Centennial, we know that all have already owner assigned, before they are produced.