Lamborghini considered an entry-level model below the Hurricane

A Lamborghini to compete against the next Ferrari Dino might be on the way, according to the statements of Stefano Domenicali. It would be the fourth model in the lineup of the Italian brand.

Dand steely to the words of Sergio Marchionne, a Ferrari SUV will be something that will never happen. However, the fever of the SUV has come to Lamborghini, that in a little time more will launch the Urus, their first suv of the current era. However, that does not mean that the firm is already thinking about his next model.

In a recent interview, The CEO of Lamborghini Stefano Domenicali and suggested that the range of models will be made up by the Aventador, Huracan and Urus at least until 2022, although they are considering the addition of a fourth member to the family, that might be a four-seater and even a gran turismo.

But to be consulted, the executive also noted that they are exploring the possibility of a sporty entry-level below the Hurricane. Ferrari is already looking to fill that space with a successor to the Ferrari Dino, equipped with six-cylinder engine and Lamborghini do not want to get behind one of its main competitors.

however Domenicali believes it is still early to think in that fourth model and if it finally turns out to be a new sporty entry-level, will have the caution not to dilute the legacy of the brand.