Lamborghini delivered the last Aventador SV Coupé to its owner

When brands cache Ferrari or Lamborghini throw some models on sale the waiting list for getting one of them is made long. The Aventador is one of the best super sports that are on the market currently. The problem that exists is that its production was limited and has already been exhausted.

this important model has just delivered the unit number 600. On the Aventador, we have had several limited editions as the Centenary, the Poison or the Super Veloce Coupe, a model which we will discuss below. It is precisely this special edition has been the one that has managed to reach the number 600 in the assembly chain of the brand.

This Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce Coupe will go to a wealthy lord who lives in Scotland. As the customization program of the Italian firm is so broad, this person has decided to give an air very own to your new machine. the first Thing that attracts attention is the painting well remembered for its bluish hue to the who drove the Porsche 918 in years ago.

this pitch has decided to cover all of the different pieces of carbon fiber, so that the view of the Aventador Super Veloce Coupe does not seem the same. But in addition, has decided to include some alloy wheels in gold with a design of what star? What has not been touched is the engine, so preserves the block petrol V12 maximum power with 750 hp of power. All in all, this model closes the life circle of the model, since the Aventador already has been replaced by the Aventador, S.

Now it’s the turn to the body-Roadster Aventador, so you will receive in brief the finished Super Veloce latest production in his brother closed. Unlike the Coupe version, the Roadster will only be limited to 500 units so if you want to become one you must be quick.

Source – Lamborghini

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