Lamborghini Diablo GTR: one of the rare Diablo track-only auction


Lamborghini Diablo GTR

Of the multiple versions of the Lamborghini Diablo, the Diablo GTR in the end of the decade of the nineties happens to be the variant most radical and one of the rarest of the model. In total, only were assembled 40 copies of this version track-only sport Italian 12-cylinder, this unit in a strident orange colour corresponds with the number 19. Really the brand intended to launch a production limited to only 30 units of this version, but once you have completed the first 30 planned decided to join ten other additional copies.

The intention of Lamborghini with this special edition, it was very simple, maximise the performance of the model for your exclusive use on the track. For which they took as a basis the latest evolution of the model street, the Diablo GT, which is had not a few mechanical modifications and frame, as well as an extensive treatment of lightening.

The copy of the images is from the year 2000 and is part of the batch that will draw RM Sotheby’s to auction at your next event in Monterey, the next month of August. Previous estimates of the auction house suggest that this Lamborghini is not-enrolled could reach a value between 580.000 and the 780.000 dollars.


Only 40 units were made.

, Introduced in 1999, during the Bologna motor show, the new Diablo GTR featured the latest evolution of the V12 6.0-liter that premiered the Diablo GT street, but with a power elevated to an astonishing 598 HP (590 hp) thanks to changes in distribution, new intake manifold, connecting rods in titanium, new crankshaft and exhaust manifold. What makes him one of the versions of the Devil’s most powerful, though not the most, as this honour goes to the also scarce Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota, the most radical version of anniversary, SE30 and that it had 603 HP.

however, the new Diablo GTR not only had a rack much more fine-tuned, with new suspension systems and braking, but had a new aerodynamic study, which enhanced considerably the aerodynamic load of the sport. Likewise had a weight lower than the Diablo GT from which it stems. If the Diablo GT already had many elements of carbon fiber in its body, version GTR gave up all unnecessary items, even the awd system, featuring a cabin completely naked, like that of any vehicle circuit.

With all of this the Diablo GTR was able to reach the 100 km/h in only 3.5 seconds and a maximum speed of 339.5 km/h.