Lamborghini does not fit turbo engines in their sports by the time

Lamborghini keeps naturally aspirated engines in their sports as much as possible

Lamborghini has no intention of introducing turbo engines in their range of sports while it is not strictly necessary. The former president and CEO of Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann, before becoming the chief of the division of high-performance Quattro of Audi, has stated that the naturally aspirated engines still have a lot of life into the manufacturer of sports.

The turbo engines are not discarded for the future

propulsion kw will continue monopolizing the supply of sports manufacturer, this means that the Lamborghini Aventador, hurac├ín (Hurricane) and his successors still will not be “desecrated” with thrusters forced induction, at least for the moment.

turbo engines will enter the scene in the supply of sports Lamborghini in terms of the CO2 emissions to oblige the manufacturer to rely on them to reduce their numbers. Meanwhile, Winkelmann declares that the post-treatment of gases in the exhaust pipes are sufficient to meet the emission regulations in their current models. Therefore will continue using this method until they run another option to be passed to the turbo.

The customers of Lamborghini will continue to enjoy the propellers of the great cilidnrada

on the other hand Lamborghini does not rule out that in the future their coupes and roadster will be passed to the thrusters turbo, the echo recently confirmed that the new SUV Lamborghini Urus will equip an engine 4.0 V8 Twin-Turbo inside its hood. In this way, the manufacturer already begins to put into practice blocks of smaller displacement turbocharged for when the situation requires it to be introduced with some shooting and experience in their sport.

But let us remember that the Urus is intended for use more familiar for those who already have a Lamborghini in your garage, this will get to expand the sensations sports to a more everyday. The introduction of the Urus with biturbo engine ease the pressure of emissions on the mark to continue enjoying the kw in the rest of the range.

The Lamborghini you want to keep the large motors of kw in their biplazas all the time they earn. These blocks provide a characteristic sound and response type the users demand them.