Lamborghini expanded his factory and celebrates two milestones in its production

As in all areas of life, in the automotive sector there is also the royalty. In this case, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce or Bentley (among others) the make up, and even within it, there are always distinctions. Ferrari and Lamborghini are two of the brands of super cars most well-known and exclusive in the world and part of its success is due to its manufacture to measure to the nearest millimeter.

the signature of The bull has been a few years dormant, as his sales volume (caused by a range of models for short) has been below the expectations of its parent, the Volkswagen Group. However, with the arrival of the Winnower and Hurricane things have changed. So much so, that during these days are celebrating two milestones very important. The first is that have already fabricated 7,000 units of the Aventador and the second is to have reached the 9,000 units assembled Hurricane.

The Lamborghini Aventador hit the market six years ago but during this period has managed to control the passage of time, exhibiting a dynamic to the height of the best sports. The chassis number 7 thousand has been a Aventador’s Roadster finished in metallic silver Grigio Adama and you will go to the hands of a client of the united States.

Hurricane 9 thousand account with the termination Blue Nethuns and you come to a client based in Dubai. This model came on the market three years ago to replace the legendary Gallardo, the best-selling model and produced by the signature italo-German, because in the eleven years it was on sale it came to the manufacture of 14,000 units.

The third source of joy for Lamborghini comes from the hand of the works that they are carrying out for expand your factory. It will be manufactured up to 7,000 units of the Aventador, Huracan and Urus, which will be the flagship of the Italian brand. Its entry into production should start next year and the first estimates put their production at 1,000 units per year (expandable to 3,500 units in successive years).

With the Urus, Lamborghini expected to double its sales by the year 2020, since it should represent half of its annual production. Will have to see if the data are met and the Urus becomes the Porsche Cayenne of the Italian firm.

Source – Lamborghini

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