Lamborghini Huracan Performant: the 3 keys to your success


The Lamborghini more powerful of the history

The Geneva motor show has been the appointment chosen by Lamborghini to unveil its long-announced Hurricane Performante, the latest version prestacional of the V10 of the brand. A model that arrives with a label very suggestive, the Lamborghini fastest in history, so that arguments will not be missing this beast.

To overcome even the Aventador Superveloce, the most powerful version of the range V12, the Hurricane has achieved something that failed to never their ancestors, which a model of the range lower is more powerful and prestacional that all versions of the range V12 of Lamborghini.

we will Try to reel off the key factors that make the Hurricane Performante at the Lamborghini of the moment.

1. Frame lightened


lighter means faster in all languages.

Like his predecessors, read Gallardo Superleggera, the new Hurricane Performante has a frame that has not only been reinforced to the new demands, it has also been subjected to a suitable cure of thinning. A lightening that can prove to be not too spectacular, in total he has lost only 40 pounds, but that is more than enough for adding it to the new mechanical performance, is capable of completely transforming the behavior of the model.

The main factor has been the massive introduction of composite materials, in particular the Forged Composite, a patent of Lamborghini developed by Automobili Lamborghini Advances Structures Laboratoy, the study design that the brand has in the USA, jointly with the american company Callaway Golf Company. This new technique allows you to create items out of carbon fiber with greater amount of fibers and a system of molds improved. A considerable evolution with respect to traditional techniques that add greater rigidity and greater precision when placing elements.

This technique was released with the Sesto Element, and in the new Performing can be found in very different areas of the model, such as the bodywork, spoilers, rear diffuser and even on the inside. In this way, the weight of the Performante is dry in only 1.382 kg, with a ratio weight / power of 2.16 kg with a horse and a distribution 43/57 front – rear respectively.

2. Engine


The V10 revised delivery almost 40 HP more.

The V10 naturally aspirated 5.2-liter Hurricane LP610-4 delivers 610 HORSEPOWER, the Hurricane Performante, the engineers of the Italian brand have managed to extract 39 HP more, leaving the final figure in 649 HP (to 640 hp) and 600 Nm of maximum torque at 6500 rpm.

This continues to have the same displacement the original, but has modified the distribution of new camshafts and added the intake-air taken from the Hurricane Super Trofeo, in addition to premiering a completely new exhaust system.

Following the modifications, the transmission of double clutch and seven speeds has also been suitably revised, so that it is now able to change gear more quickly.

3. Aerodynamic Lamborghini Attiva


The spoilers, front and rear Performant hiding a big secret.

After this long denomination, which can be summarized with the acronym ALA, we find a studied and original system of active aerodynamic , which introduces the new Hurricane Performant.

In your day as we show you this interesting video of its operation in the circuit, recorded with the latest prototypes camouflaged, and that shows in a very clear way as it operates in the system. Acting on the front and rear spoilers, we find a series of valves that open or close at will in function of the needs of downforce. At the moment they are opened, allow to pass a stream of air that remains downforce at maximum speed and therefore, offers less resistance to the advance, raising the maximum speed.

The system is governed by the brain of the Performante, the Piattaforma
or LPI, which indicates the electric motors that modify the
operation of the flaps and spoilers as needed. When not having
of hydraulic system, but of small electric motors, not only
considerably reduces the weight but also, the time of performance