Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera Are you?


Lamborghini prepares in secret for a Hurricane to a very radical

An enigmatic Lamborghini Hurricane look far arrives to our section on spy photos. The unit has been captured in roads Italian, as we see in the photos the drivers have taken a special interest in the hide of the low sports a black canvas to try not to reveal anything. Although they have not been able to prevent some images distant the disclosure of certain details.

The sports of Lamborghini is quite different compared to a Hurricane LP610-4. It has a look more radical thanks to the wheel arches more voluptuous with gills of cooling in the fender, it seems that you have lowered the ride height and added some carbon fiber as the new rear wing fixed the end of behind.

Its exterior also looks equally special with an eye-catching tone body Blu, the same with the submission of the LP610-4 Spyder a few months ago, in combination with wheels dark and brake calipers in the same tone that the rest of the body to generate an attractive contrast.


this May be the Hurricane Superleggera or the other extreme version of the sporty

we do Not know with certainty if it is the Lamborghini Huracán Superleggera or some other editing extreme sports, so if it looks like it is a model very particular that want to keep with suspicion. Other unknowns are generated about the type of traction: Will it be awd or rear-rear? After the debut of the Hurricane LP580-2 propulsion in Los Angeles announced a more powerful version of production with this system.

whatever it Is, we may have to wait a while to see it officially, maybe in the next Room of Geneva. Although there is always a chance that you anticipate to the cameras, letting himself be seen again by our spy photos.