Lamborghini Hurricane 2016, now with ten cylinders that can be converted into five


Still not quite two years after the birth of Lamborghini Hurricane LP 610-4, the successor to the successful Gallardo, but the manufacturer of Sant’agata Bolognese considers that the time has come for a small update for your model that is more accessible -we won’t say cheap-. In this way comes Lamborghini Hurricane 2016, debuting a series of improvements to make it still more strong and competitive.

To mode Model Year 2016, the Lamborghini Hurricane keeps intact its design. It is still early to incorporate aesthetic changes: developments affecting, in the first place, your V10 engine of 5.2 liters. Continue to present the 610 HP, but in a more efficient way, as it is opening a system disabling selective cylinders.

At cruising speed, the Lamborghini Hurricane can operate as a five-cylinder, temporarily disconnecting one of the two banks of cylinders. And when the driver asks for more acceleration and performance, the ten cylinders come back into operation is practically instantaneous and imperceptible


¿What is achieved with this cylinder deactivation? Easy, lower consumption in certain conditions, which means reducing their polluting emissions and consumption in cycle of approval. Not even a specialist in supercars such as Lamborghini, can escape this requirement, and although still very far from being a car “green”, the Hurricane 2016 lower their CO2 emissions up to 283 g/km.

in Addition, the chassis of the Lamborghini Huracán 2016 refines her fit-mail on its all-wheel drive, which affects the way ‘Strada‘ to provide a behavior more neutral. There is more news in regard to equipment and customization, expanding possibilities with a paint range more wide to its exterior, including colors unpublished.

For those who want even more customizing the letter the program ‘Ad Personam‘ has been expanded, with unique possibilities for your interior and matte paintings. And additionally, all the Hurricane 2016 will be able to incorporate new options: among them are the LED lighting for the rear compartment of the engine-coupled to a transparent cover, a sports exhaust, new upholstery leather for your cabin or a team of sound premium.