Lamborghini Hurricane LP580-2: the return of the “all back”, the new Hurricane rear wheel drive

Who said that he would appreciate it so much that Lamborghini to launch a version less powerful than its benchmark sports car, the Lamborghini Hurricane? And that is, when less power also means less weight, and handle it all on the rear axle, renouncing the all-wheel drive, which until now came with this model, that means more fun, and new challenges for the driving. This is how the Lamborghini Hurricane LP580-2, the Hurricane of rear-wheel drive, and the Hurricane of the non-conformists. A version which, by the way, retrieves the good manners of its predecessor, the Gallardo.

Hurricane-rear-wheel-drive loses 30 HP of power, but also 33 kilograms, which undoubtedly will be more relevant to the moment of truth.

six years Ago, Lamborghini we surprised you with a nice tribute. The Lamborghini Gallardo premiered a version with two-wheel drive, and the brand of Sant’agata decided that he would take the name of Valentino Balboni, the great veteran of pilot testers.

As on that occasion, and although it still retains its engine V10, the Lamborghini Hurricane LP580-2 has been reduced slightly its power. Are 30 HP less, but also 33 kilograms less, which make mark on the scale a figure really interesting: 1.389 kg.


Their performance hardly have been depleted with respect to the Hurricane’s all-wheel drive, which is also more powerful. Their modes of conduct will prevail to the driving “fun”, that is to say, to slide his butt on the asphalt.

With these figures, the Lamborghini Hurricane LP580-2 you need only two tenths of a second more to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (3.4 sec) with respect to the Hurricane LP610-4. Reaches 320 km/h. We are talking about a negligible difference, according to what is important and decisive that it is the total traction for the certification of the acceleration of a supercar as powerful as this.

Lamborghini has designed a custom dress for this Hurricane rear-wheel-drive. It has revised the design of the front and the rear, with the goal of adding more downforce in the front. Your weight distribution is in a ratio of 40% front and 60% behind. Lamborghini has adjusted its driving modes, Strada, Sport and Corsa, for that this Hurricane rear-wheel-drive slide better. In other words, for you to let us give some caprices in the circuit.

finally, the Lamborghini Hurricane LP580-2 will be offered only with an automatic change of double clutch, the same that equips the rest of the range Hurricane. It is still early to talk about prices, but it will cost something less than the Lamborghini Hurricane LP610-4.

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