Lamborghini Hurricane N-Long: the last beast of Novitec now in video

The latest creation of Novitec has come with the seal of Novitec Stuck leaving us with a muscled Lamborghini Hurricane, enlarged, enhanced, that, with the label N-Long, we can now see in video.

This Lamborghini Hurricane not only has dressed with a new suit, has also been harnessed to the 860 caallos.

the Entire body kit has been developed of carbon fiber and fine-tuned in the wind tunnel.

as we do just a few days, the preparation of Novitec for the Hurricane passes by a body kit that widens considerably the set, together with a new kit springs for the suspension and new tires, all of this really well-integrated.

Limited to 25 units, this Lamborghini Hurricane N-Long has also been enhanced and the well-known V10 has been brought from the 610 original horse up to a considerable 860 horses.

Lamborghini Hurricane N-Largo on video: