Lamborghini Hurricane Performante caught without camouflage


Your body will have a new kit more aggressive.

The Lamborghini Hurricane Performante has been seen on the streets of Portugal without camouflage any, with his body bare, although with obvious symptoms of which is a unit of pre-production.

These two photos have been uploaded by Supercars in Portugal, and we show the variant most radical of the Hurricane to the naked, already without the usual vinyl with which we have become accustomed to seeing these past few months.

Although the images are not showing us the front to the full, in the top image, already visible as we find several changes in the nose, with a configuration and design that is more aggressive air intakes. Although the most striking aspect of the model will be without any doubt the huge rear spoiler, which in this model takes a special role.


The rear wing is ginormous.

Although we had already had other opportunities to view your new wing back, this is not only the first time that we see it without stickers, in addition to is also the first occasion that we can view it from a perspective with a certain height, and we can see the aileron to the full up.

the shape of The wing is inverted, that is to say, the ends do not spin backwards but that as near their ends are toward the front. The spoiler is the fundamental piece of the new system of active aerodynamic of the brand, named Aerodynamic Lamborghini Attiva or ALA.

This system is partly responsible for the improved performance of the new Performante, in conjunction with the new adaptive shock absorbers of new generation. Some of the media in English-speaking have already had the opportunity of being able to test one of the units of “homemade”, still camouflaged, in circuit and have endorsed the performance of the setup of the Hurricane Performant.


Will be presented at the Geneva motor show 2017.

The house of SantAgata Bolognese has been equipped with more power and lightness to the Performant, but their system aerodynamic active contributes not only to generate more stability in straight lines, but acts as adding more downforce to the inner side of the vehicle when taking a curve, by way of a system of torque vectoring, but using the spoiler mobile.

This account with electric motors in place of the usual hydraulic system, for reasons of weight and speed of reaction. And as it has presented the brand should work very well, because he has beaten the Aventador Superveloce at the Nürburgring.

the new Hurricane Performante will be the star of the stand of the brand in Palexpo, the Geneva 2017.