Lamborghini Hurricane Performing What Is so called the Superleggera?

Lamborghini Huracán Performante - recreación

Lamborghini Hurricane Performant, recreation is

¿Superleggera or Performante? During these days is starting to talk about the possibility that the high-performance variant of the Hurricane and that you are working with Lamborghini since months ago to be able to lose the famous name. In these last few weeks we posted different spy photos of the Lamborghini Huracán Superleggera, however, could be baptized as Lamborghini Hurricane Performant.

Lamborghini Hurricane Did Superleggera or Performante?

If you are a great follower of Lamborghini is very possible that you sound the name “Performante”, as it was used by the brand in another of their models. More specifically, in the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante. The Italian firm has already chose to baptize the variant soft-top convertible in the Gallardo with that name instead of resorting to the nickname “Superleggera” which had been used until then.

We have the same idea. A version of aspect radicalized with a increase of power and accompanied by a considerable weight reduction. An explosive cocktail that will result in a beast able to break all the records in the circuits most famous in the world, we could exceed the time of the lap in the Nurburgring’s very own Porsche 918 Spyder.

Lamborghini Huracán Performante - foto espía

Photo spy Lamborghini Hurricane Performing on the Nürburgring.

On an aesthetic level, we will see a body adapted and modified that, while it will denote more aggression, to its bumper, and the introduction of a new rear wing fixed to improve the (aerodynamic, which will result in a greater control during cornering. Above you can see a recreation with which you anticipate the aspect that will have the Lamborghini Hurricane Performant.

As expected, the new Lamborghini Hurricane Performante is positioned as the ultimate expression of sportiness, exclusivity and radicalism in the range of the Lamborghini Hurricane. A range currently comprises four models if we take into account the limited edition “Avio”.

We stock a wide variety of alternatives already that Lamborghini allows us to choose the base model, the own Hurricane with bodywork coupe of 610 HP and all-wheel drive to four-wheel, by its variant of rear-wheel drive and 580 HP as well as the convertible model under the name Spyder.

Lamborghini Huracán Performante - foto espía

Special attention to the new rear wing fixed of large dimensions.

in Addition to all of them we have mentioned Lamborghini Hurricane Avio, a limited edition of 250 units launched by the brand to pay homage to the Air Force of Italy. It features an exterior with a color scheme, specific as well as a few white stripes or the logo L63. It was presented at the last Geneva motor show 2016 the month of march. With the introduction of the new Hurricane Performante, the range will be in the following manera:

Modelo Potencia maximum Torque Traction
Hurricane Coupe 610 HP 560 Nm AWD
Hurricane RWD Coupe 580 HP 540 Nm RWD
Hurricane Spyder 610 HP 560 Nm AWD
Hurricane Avio 610 HP 560 Nm AWD
Hurricane Performant 640 CV AWD

IN the absence of more details of your (mechanical, the Lamborghini Hurricane Performante is powered by the same V10 engine of 5.2 liters that uses the Hurricane Coupe, although modified to yield a greater power. Thanks to different adjustments that can be made by engineers of Lamborghini, may be increased to achieve the 640 CV. This, together with an expected reduction of weight of up to 100 kilograms, it will become an indomitable beast.

640 HP and a weight reduction of 100 Kg

But, how you will get reduce this amount of weight? Giving a greater role to the carbon fiber. Install a few panels of carbon fiber on the doors, a few seats to lighter, while other elements will be replaced by a lighter. All this focus on the same goal, to be able to do this a model much more lightweight and fast. The engine is linked to a gearbox dual-clutch LDF seven-speed and a system permanent all-wheel drive to four-wheel.

Lamborghini Huracán Performante - foto espía

The front of the Lamborghini Hurricane Performing at the detail in this photo spy.

¿When will he be presented? If we take into account the phase in which the development of this variant of the Hurricane, the most plausible is that we have to wait until one of the auto shows that take place in the first half of 2017, so a presentation in the Geneva motor show 2017 cobra lot of force. Of all ways, can not rule out that Lamborghini published the first images and information of this model before the end of this year.