Lamborghini introduces Huracan Spyder LP580-2, rear-wheel drive to the open sky


The new version of Spyder LP580-2.

The surprise from Lamborghini for the Hall Los Angeles 2016 is none other than the new variant Spyder Huracan rear-wheel-drive. The new Hurricane LP580-2 receives the same open body of the version of four-wheel-drive, although with the finished model-specific rear-wheel-drive.

This has the same aesthetic of the Hurricane LP580-2 closed, with a front and rear bumpers specific, which makes it easily distinguishable from the versions LP610-4 awd. The changes do not end here, since, like the closed version, the Hurricane LP580-2 has another specification of the engine, which reduces the power of 580 horses.

Those 30 horses less barely noticeable thanks to a slight decrease in the weight, by losing the awd system, and that in the case of the coupe is encrypted in 33 kilos.


Identical aesthetics of the coupe’s rear-wheel-drive.

The benefits of this new open version of rear-wheel drive are slightly lower than those of the version Spyder 4 wheel drive. The new Spyder LP580-2 is able to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds, compared to the 3.4 seconds it takes for the LP610-4. While the maximum speed is 319 km/h, compared to 324 km/h that approves the version of 610 HP.

The frame also receives modifications, to digest all of the power through a single axis of Lamborghini have had to to adjust both the suspension as the address. So how to recalibrate the traction control system. Because not only is it a little lighter, but that the weight distribution has changed, with the proportion of 40/60 front/rear respectively.

The roof system is exactly the same that you could find in the current Huracan Spyder, composed by a canopy of black canvas that can be opened or closed in just 17 seconds. Maneuver that can be performed even in motion, at speeds up to 50 km/h.


lighter and with a new weight distribution.

For the moment, the factory of Sant’agata Bolognese has not revealed the price of this new version, we understand will be located between the current Hurricane LP580-2 and the versions of four wheel drive. Your arrival to the main markets will be starting in January 2017.