Lamborghini is doing test sound with a Lexus LFA

In this video you can be viewed as a Lexus LFA is rolling with a complex systems of microphones installed at the back of the vehicle. If we found this unit for any road we could think that the owner of the vehicle wants to record her seductive roar for you to enjoy in your free time, but it turns out that this model has been recorded leaving and entering the museum Lamborghini in Italy.

The funny thing is that the drive has plates from Ingolstadt, Germany, number plates with the the Audis prove their prototypes as we have seen in our photos spies. Audi and Lamborghini already have their sport in common, what are you preparing?

Lamborghini has a V12 engines and even a V10 as equipped with the Hurricane and the Audi R8, what leads them to be fixed in the V10 from the competition? The next models in the VAG group will be launched for those who might be interested in analyzing the sound of the Lexus LFA, are the Lamborghini URUS will arrive in 2017 or the Bugatti CHIRON, unless they have a surprise between hands. Too many unknowns still, we must be attentive to future movements of the brand.