Lamborghini is still on a roll at the 3 Hours of Silverstone


Lamborghini is still on a roll. The Italian firm won the 3
Hours of Monza, also won the appointment to the Sprint at Brands Hatch and has repeated
in the 3 Hours of Silverstone. In all cases, the car, the protagonist has
been the same the entire time that the three victories have fallen on the side of the
Lamborghini #63 driven by Mirko Bortolotti, Andrea Caldarelli and Christian
. The trio of pilots of the Italian brand consolidates its leadership of the
Blancpain GT Series despite the second place in the Mercedes #84. The podium in
Silverstone has closed the Mercedes #90. Great performance of the pilots

Felix Serralles was the one in charge of defend the pole position for the Mercedes #88 achieved by Dani Juncadella, even though he was not successful in his campaign. Mirko Bortolotti was stealing the wallet to be placed at the front of the 3 Hours of Silverstone. From behind, Lucas Ordóñez was the architect of a good comeback, to be placed 17th. In the early stages of the race, the Ferrari #50, driven by Pier Guidi will snatched the third position to the Ferrari #72 of Molina, still in the pit lane, since the steering wheel was Shaytar. For its part, the Jaguar #14 with Ortelli at the wheel managed to progress up to the eleventh position, despite exit 27.

A touch between the Ferrari #11 caused the first yellow flag of the race, although it was the fire following a touch of the McLaren #188 in the competing Chris Harris which forced you to deploy the first period of ‘Full Yellow Course’ and the subsequent first Safety Car. With only a half-hour race, the resalida became a point of major hostilities. One of the big victims was the Nissan #22 of Moore, who lost three positions. On the opposite side of the coin, Smith with the Bentley #7 was particularly active and climbed to the ninth position.


The first step for pit looked altered by the period of ‘Full Yellow Course caused by the strong accident of Jonny Kane with the McLaren #44. In fact, the top teams were the first to advance its stops, even if that meant a revolution. The Mercedes #90 with Michael Meadows inherited the lead, followed closely by the Lamborghini #63 and the Ferrari #50. Miguel Molina was fifth with the Ferrari #72, just ahead of Andy Soucek with the Bentley #8 after a pit stop in the GT3 british earned more than fifteen positions. By contrast, the Mercedes #88 was penalised by a minute for his false start and Juncadella returned to the track 38.

Miguel Molina and Andy Soucek protagonizaban an interesting battle for the fifth position, while Frey returned to the track with the Jaguar G3 #14 Albert Costa in the group fighting for tenth position. Although Soucek ahead of Molina, Eriksson with the Mercedes #84 had no problems in overtaking the Ferrari #50 and even teach his position at Lamborghini #63, piloted in the second stint by Caldarelli. All of these duel were interrupted by a brief yellow flag for the track output of the Mercedes #32. This period served for that Soucek and Molina cogiesen forces and to give account of the Ferrari #50 Lathouras, which slowly going to deflate.

While ahead Eriksson got the second position with the Mercedes #84, to the detriment of the Lamborghini #63, Dani Juncadella signed a memorable comeback from a score of positions, comeback that led him to occupy the position of nineteenth, before you get out of the car. The step-by-boxes permitted, among other thing, the Lamborghini #63 was done with the leadership of the labour Engelhart. Second was the Mercedes #90 of Marciello. Third party for its part was leaving Maximilian Buhk with the Mercedes #84, while the Ferrari #72, with Davide Rigon, was placed in front of the Bentley #8, with Soulet at the wheel. Albert Costa is positioning itself fifteenth.


The last third of the race was a battle of pace, as without having large distances between the leaders, none was in a position to attack. Engelhart, Marciello, Buhk and Rigon managed to roll in less than four seconds, while Maxime Soulet with the Bentley #8 off the hook more than ten seconds of the lead group. All in all, Maxi Buhk pulled the teeth forward to Rafaelle Marciello in the absence of a little over 20 minutes, while behind Albert Costa won two positions extra to be placed thirteenth. The pilot of the Mercedes #84 not slowed in their push and went to the hunting Engelhart.

The pressure of Buhk was incessant until the checkered flag, but Christian Engelhart got the victory with the Lamborghini #63, signing and their third consecutive win after victories in the 3 Hours of Monza and Brands Hatch. In the second position crossed the finish line of the Mercedes #84 Eriksson, Buhk and Perera, the other big candidate for the title of the Blancpain GT Series. The podium was completed by the Mercedes #90 of Meadows, Mortara and Marciello, who left with no award to the Spanish riders. However, the Ferrari #72 Miguel Molina was fourth, and Bentley #8 of Andy Soucek finished fifth.

beyond the fourth position of Miguel Molina and fifth place for Andy Soucek, the Jaguar G3 #14 with Albert Costa his commanders has crossed the line in tenth. The spaniard has added a last good stint to get a great position. For their part, the Mercedes #88 of Dani Juncadella has finished eleventh, making good the great comeback curd by the Catalan. In a hyphen reverse, the Nissan #23 Lucas Ordóñez has finished sixteenth, a position that perhaps does not do justice to the good work done by the spaniard during their stay in the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3. Finally, the Mercedes #16 Miguel Toril was one of the first cars to leave.

Classification Blancpain Endurance Cup 2017 at Silverstone

Pos. Pilots Car Time
1 Caldarelli / Engelhart / Bortolotti Lamborghini Huracán GT3 GRT Grasser 83 Laps
2nd Eriksson / Buhk / Perera Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport +0.344
3rd Meadows / Mortara / Marciello Mercedes-AMG GT3 AKKA-ASP +3.072
4th Shaytar / Molina / Rigon Ferrari 488 GT3 SMP Racing +5.871
5th April / Soucek / Soulet
Bentley Continental GT3 Bentley M-Sport +28.330
6th Lathouras / Rugolo / Pier Guidi Ferrari 488 GT3 AF Corse +35.713
7th Sims / Martin / Eng BMW M6 GT3 ROWE Racing +36.898
8th Parente / Webb / Williamson McLaren 650S GT3 Strakka Racing +44.743
9th Smith / Jarvis / Kane Bentley Continental GT3 Bentley M-Sport +1:07.204
10th Frey / Ortelli / Coast Jaguar G3 GT3 Emil Frey Racing +1:07.620