Lamborghini PoloStorico debuts new facilities


Headquarters of Lamborghini PoloStorico.

One of the latest creations of Lamborghini has been the division PoloStorico, a section of the company dedicated exclusively to the care of the heritage of the brand and to address the historical vehicles of their customers. Lamborghini PoloStorico was announced last year with the presentation of its first official work, the restoration of the first Lamborghini Miura SV, presented in various competitions of classics, such as Amelia Island or Monterey Car Week.

After this, the first Miura SV presented, the firm had recently his second work, a 350 GT, which had subject to a work of restoration, very complete, in which they had had to repeat even the process of the formulation of the paint, to create the original color of the model.

This division has premiered recently their facilities, a section especially prepared at the factory in SantAgata Bolognese, historical headquarters of the Italian brand since its founding more than half a century. Like his work, these installations look after until the last detail, to be able to receive the gems that pass by them.


The most spectacular models will pass through these facilities.

Between the work of this division we find the maintenance or the restoration of the classic models of the brand, those who are not in marketing, regardless of their age. As you can see in the images, skillfully prepared, we can see models of very different epochs, from the early sixties until the end of the TWENTIETH century.

The skilled technicians of Lamborghini may also certify to the state or the originality of a model, in the same way that he has been doing since some years ago, the department, Ferrari Classiche, whose certification is most reputed for the models of the brand. To do so, Lamborghini has created special equipment, one dedicated to the history of the brand and the other is responsible for certifying of the company’s classics.

A very important detail is that this division has in its
facilities with a area will be aimed at the production of
small volumes
. Which means that, if needed, could recreate
or reissue any model. Although this does not mean that you are going to do it.