Lamborghini presents a supercar of smaller size

Lamborghini Miura 50 aniversario

brand Lamborghini, currently has two models base in its range of products, of which then there are several variants as well as special editions. These two products are the Lamborghini Huracan and the Lamborghini Aventador. Apparently, the plans of the CEO of the company, Stefano Domenicali and, is that all sports use the same platform to reduce development costs and so to improve the distribution of the different components sharing chassis, engines, transmissions, etc

The famous company of supercars does not take too long to receive a model that has little to do with the philosophy known until a few years ago within the brand. We are talking about the Lamborghini Urus, a SUV high-end luxury and theoretically very sporty which, as you know, has upset many purists of the Italian brand. This will be the third model of the company, accompanying the above-mentioned Huracan and Aventador, and we don’t be surprised if they would multiply the sales of the brand.

Lamborghini Miura 50 aniversario

however, Domenicali, has also stated in an interview with our colleagues of Motoring could appear a super sports car, more in the range of the brand, making it clear also that I would receive a proportions more compact that of the other two models. This may be somewhat contradictory, because they want to unify platforms, and talk about a dimensions more contained. The most logical solution would be to use some modular platform.

In any case, there is nothing official. All will depend on the earnings and profits that receive the mark in the next few years that, in theory, should be fairly high after the arrival of the Urus. A lot of people criticise this model, but you must also take into account that many wealthy will buy it. In the case of the supercar compact, it may be a good strategy if you manage this modular platform although, become a reality, it is likely that we don’t see until the next decade.

Source – Motoring