Lamborghini presents its new website and the configurator on-line

Lamborghini - nueva página web

Lamborghini launches new website. And the end is in Spanish.

Lamborghini is renovating all of their digital image and to do this, the Italian firm with its headquarters in Sant’agata Bolognese unveiled the new version of their web page as well as in the configurator on-line. A web design more modern with graphics, images and content renewed with the that offer a better customer experience and visitor digital Lamborghini.

In comparison with the previous web page have been used a few bright colors in the form of a backdrop with a unique home page that scrolls vertically as if in a magazine it were. At all times we have sought to create a great visual impact with insertion of content audiovisual such as new videos and images to high-resolution models of the brand.

¡And now with Spanish version! at The end we can enjoy a Spanish version of the web page of Lamborghini. Just go to the main url to be redirected automatically to the English version. And although at the moment not all the translated content, is a great step with which to attract the Spanish speaking client.

Lamborghini - nuevo configurador on-line

have Also submitted the new version of its configurator on-line. With more possibilities of customization.

But we speak not just of a new version of its website, Lamborghini has taken advantage of the introduction of this new design to activate the new and improved configurator on-line. A configurator which, now, will allow us to configure the smallest detail of the Lamborghini Aventador or the Lamborghini Hurricane. It offers a greater range of customization possibilities in comparison with the previous version of the configurator of the brand.

The content has also been improved. And proof of this is the new “Mark”section that will allow us to go through all the history of Lamborghini. It has also done the same with the section “Motorsport” and now you can access a blog that the mark will be updated regularly with news of all kinds, from new releases until the results of Lamborghini in the various competitions in which it is present.

In the last place, Lamborghini becomes a brand, the more social getting to know all of their profiles in social networks. We see that the Italian firm is present in ten social networks. From the classic Facebook up to networks like china’s Weibo or Pinterest.