Lamborghini Reventon, a limited edition that created school


Only 15 copies were made of the Reventon Roadster, and only 3 of these were RHD.

Recently we are witnessing the birth of the last sports limited edition Lamborghini, the Centenary Roadster, the convertible version of the sports brand desvelaba at the Geneva motor show 2016 as tribute to the birth of the founder of the brand, Ferruccio Lamborghini, born for 100 years now.

The Centenary is only the last of a series of exclusive sports-limited production based on the models existing in the range of the Italian manufacturer, which, after a convenient redesign cosmetic and a cortísima production of just a few copies, multiplied his price many times. So we can say that the Centenary is worth more than four units of the Aventador SV on which it is based.

This successful maneuver business was born in the mid of the last decade, when the firm decided to launch the model that appears in the images, the Lamborghini Reventon. Presented at the Salon Frankfurt 2007 as a coupe, the Blowout is basically a Murcielago LP640-4, the model V12 of the brand at that time. And if well in terms of its data sheet refers to is not unlike great thing of the model donor, what is certain is that Lamborghini is practiced by not a few changes compared to the Murcielago and original, as would happen with the rest of the limited editions that preceded it.


Their volumes and shapes are similar to those of the Murcielago, but the traits are completely different.

At the time of its appearance, the Blowout caused a sensation. His razor-sharp bodywork, a sculpted base angles and flat surfaces that converge at edges, slightly marked, seemed to be extracted from the modern fighter jets of type Stealth or poachers, whose fuselages have these peculiar shapes to avoid being detected by the waves of the radar.

was Presented with a chromatic range with military shades, most of the units came out of the factory in the shades of green and grey, which makes it even more rare unit that appears in the images in the tone arena.

Technically, we find the frame of the Murcielago LP640, presented just a year before at the Geneva motor show. The mechanics of this new version of the Murcielago increased the displacement of the V12 from 6.2 to 6.5 liters, raising the performance to 640 horses, which became 650 under the hood of the Blowout. This new iteration of the Murcielago included a slight redesign, which affected mostly bumpers and minor details, so that kept the sober line that characterised it. Hence the arrival of the Burst outside an event, as radicalized by the full model with a new tailored suit that breaks with everything established by the brand.


The Reventón Roadster used the V12 in the LP670-4.

This new suit was carried out to the full-on carbon fiber, which is not avoided to go up the weight slightly with respect to the model on which it was based. Passing of 1.805 kg of the LP640-4 1.837 kilograms of the Reventón coupe.

Between 2007 and 2008 were manufactured 20 copies of the Reventon coupe, more a copy, which was in the museum of Lamborghini, followed in 2009 other 15 copies of the Reventon Roadster, which took the mechanics of the newly introduced Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce, so that account with 670 horses, twenty more than the coupe version, which is not prevented would have a performance slightly below this. The alternative closed had a maximum speed around 350 km/h, that came down to 330 km/h in the case of the Roadster.

But despite its status of exclusive piece, only 20 coupes and 15 roadsters came to the customers, the real importance of the Blowout was the influence that had her design for the brand. On the one hand marked the way to go commercially, each a short time gives us with one of these rare versions of production ultra limited intended only to customers capricious, or avid collectors, and on the other, the style of the Blowout marked the DNA of the brand from SantAgata Bolognese, which took the features and the treatment of the marks of a Blowout for its entire range.


In the front we find traits that we then saw in the Aventador.

the closest resemblance to The Aventador, with this it is evident, from the front, marked by small beacons of polygonal shapes with the upper part terminated in an edge, as well as the morro, in the peak with the lower area of the bumper at an angle negative flanked by air intakes side of polygonal shapes very marked, from four sides in the case of the Blowout, and 6 sides in the of the Aventador. At the back we find a treatment very similar to the zone of the optical groups, with the same shape of three-pointed star.

hexagon became the leitmotif of the own Lamborghini. When this was presented in 2014 the Hurricane, the name of the advertising campaign in charge of desvelarlo was even Hexagon Project, polygonal shape that we find in not a few parts of the actual Lamborghini, and with which the designers of the Italian brand started to play in the Blowout.

The exemplary sand color that appears in the photographs is one of the few that were manufactured with the steering wheel to the right, only three units of the Reventón Roadster quer, were allocated to Great Britain and asian markets such as Japan or Australia. In this case, this exemplary was the only one not destined for outside of Europe, so we can say that is almost unique in the old continent.


Its design marked the path to follow for the rest of regular patterns.

Currently put up for sale by the british house Coys of Kensington, this rare piece has had only one owner since leaving the factory in 2010, a collector of the brand that has spoiled during these years and which has only travelled 1.050 miles, about 1.689 miles, so it is not surprising the magnificent state in which it is located the Italian sports.

Will be auctioned off the next month of September in the event the Thoroughbred & Vintage in Fontwell House, in Sussex, England. An appointment where you will meet models before and after the second world war, both racing and passenger cars. Where it is expected that the Lamborghini reach a price of around a million pounds, 1.17 million euros.