Lamborghini wants to increase the number of women in the brand

Lamborghini Urus 2018As you already know, the CEO of Lamborghini since very recently is Stefano Domenicali. Whenever there are major changes in the directors of a company, ground them in the work, workers and, ultimately, in the products. Domenicali seems to have an idea somewhat different from what we are now used within the brand, and is that the new CEO you want to slightly change the personality of the future models.

According to some alleged statements to Bloomberg, Domenicali would have declared that “a bull is always aggressive, but I would like a new philosophy in the future, a bull can be gentle”. It seems that the idea of the current sent over the signature of Sant’agata Bolognese is produce a few cars not-so-radical, not so aggressive. The first of all will be the Lamborghini Urus and the goal is to make this luxury SUV is identifiable as a Lamborghini, but that design is not so hard as that of an Aventador, for example.

Lamborghini Urus 2018Domenicali wants, through the future SUV and by the future models, be a mark that also is taken into account by women of wealthy. Only 5% of the buyers of Lamborghini are women while, according to JD Power, 48% of purchases of todocaminos Premium are by women. It should also be noted that between 2010 and 2015, the number of the SUV sold to single women has grown by 177 %. Domenicali wants to enter that “female market” and that their cars are also appetizing to them.

This leads us to think that the next models of the brand stop being so “bulls” as they have been until now. Driving a Lamborghini current (in normal driving) does not pose any danger. Since are not the hard and difficult cars to drive a few decades ago so like any person can bring a Ferrari today without complications, with Lamborghini, the same thing happens. However, the “cavallino” have a few designs that are more fluid and soft, while the “Lambo” continue to be aggressive, something that seems is going to change slightly in the upcoming creations of the brand.

Source – Bloomberg