Lamborghini would be investigating the possibility of launching a sporty electric

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electrification of the automobile sector follow its course unstoppable. In a first moment it seemed that would only affect firms with generalists and some premium. However, it seems that their reach across the sector is more than guaranteed. Between the marks that will eventually succumbing in one way or another are the most iconic for the type of car they produce.

One of the brands that has already publicly acknowledged that they would be thinking of making a model all-electric and Lamborghini. The Italian house (belonging to the Volkswagen Group) by the mouth of Stefano Demenicali, its CEO, has stated that will follow the plans of the German conglomerate, and among them is the manufacture of cars powered by batteries.

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taking Advantage of the heat provided by the Geneva motor show Demenicali has stated that “the electrification is an area of great attention to ourther, but I don’t expect that’s going to happen in the short term”. In addition, he added that there will not be a Lamborghini fully electric by 2025. The reason they gave is that for now they are focused on other products more profitable, as, for example, the new SUV brand, the URUS.

As a prior step before the electrification of a total of Lamborghini, the manufacturer will launch on the market a hybrid variant plug-in of the URUS. This will not be before the year 2020, but will serve to take the pulse of the market and see how customers embrace this type of technology. According to Domenicali, “we have to be realistic” in terms of the characteristics that has to have everything super-sporty feel in terms of weight, performance and features.

the head of the brand said that in Lamborghini “we’re Going to be prudent. Of course, we are going to grow in a sustainable way, but to be in the luxury market does not take all the possibilities of growth that is there,” [ … ] “Since the financial crisis, the market of the sports cars of high quality has seen a recovery constant”.

it remains to Be seen how to face the future and, above all, how the customers receive the URUS when it reaches the market. Although we are given in the nose that is going to be the Cayenne of the signing of Sant’agata Bolognese.

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