Lancia at Geneva Motor Show

The Italian firm alliance with the US Chrysler causing total renovation in Lancia range. Lancia CEO Sergio Marchionne aims to create a single line Lancia / Chrysler, with minor differences depending on the market in which they market cars.

Do not know whether this strategy will finish convince the faithful followers of Italian brand.

Lancia_ Salón_del_Automóvil_Ginebra

The Geneva , one of the main events of the year for the automotive industry, has served to Lancia present their new models and changes in other already known.

baby of the family, Ypsilon was presented at the event for successful cosmetic changes and a renewed range of engines, among which we highlight gasoline-powered 900 and 1200 cc with outputs of 69 and 85 hp, 69 hp flex-fuel or diesel Multijet technology. All improve fuel economy and reduce emissions of CO 2 to the atmosphere through system includes automatic stop-start Stop & Start.

Lancia_ Salón_del_Automóvil_Ginebra_1

Lancia also presented Thema new flagship of the brand, based on the new Chrysler 300 . For the European market will be offered with a gasoline-powered 3600 cc and 292 hp mated to an automatic transmission 8 relations engine and two diesel 3-liter V6 with outputs of 190 and 224 hp, both attached to an automatic transmission of five speeds.

The Lancia Flavia is basically a Chrysler 200 with different logos, so that the mechanics are concerned, will mount the same engine as the American model, a four-cylinder 2400 cc displacement with 175 hp and connected to automatic transmissions paths 4 and 6velocidades power.

Meanwhile replacement will be Lancia Phedra Lancia Grand Voyager , which as the name suggests, the American model with Italian emblems. A large minivan with room for more than five seats.

Finally Lancia Delta , the elegant Italian compact receive a small facelift with a new front grille, new finishes and more environmentally friendly engines.

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