Lancia dies bit by bit: she has no more web in Spain

The web site of Lancia in Spain and other European markets no longer displays details of the models of the brand. In its place invites us to find information related to the assistance and the services of the Italian firm.

Lance seems to be going through the last moments of his announced and agony. We know that, unfortunately, is a brand without future within the group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, such as two years ago this was confirmed by Sergio Marchionne.

The only model that the Italian brand still in production is the Ypsilon, which manages to keep afloat thanks to the sales in the Italian market. In Spain, the latest update of the Lancia Ypsilon arrived towards the end of 2015, with prices that began in the 14.635 euros.

But in the last few hours, the web site of Lancia in Spain is no longer in activity, it instead shows a message that says ‘Thank you for your interest in Lancia’ and invites you to find information related to support and services in the case of being the owner of a model of the brand.

In recent years, Lancia had reduced their product range to only a few models of their own, as many of the vehicles sold in Europe were Chrysler. After the departure of the Delta, the Ypsilon is the only model which still prevails, at least until the termination of their marketing in Italy.

it Is strange that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has decided to abandon a brand so iconic. can it Be possible that Lancia will achieve to recover at any time the lost ground?. Maybe if Fiat Chrysler Automobiles decides to get rid of it, or with the arrival of investments cutters that allow the arrival of new models.

Spain receives the new Lancia Ypsilon 2016