Land Rover attacks to avoid that this Range Rover Evoque fake China is getting away with it

can’t help it. Copies and plagiarism chinese have become one of our fetishes. We believed that with the advancement of the automobile industry in China the plagiarism more blatant were a thing of the past. So we thought. Then we met the Landwind X7, a todocamino that away with to comply with to take the inspiration of the model’s most famous Land Rover, opted for plagiarizing, in full, to the Range Rover Evoque. And now it’s Land Rover who has decided to face up to the Landwind X7, demanding an explanation for this plagiarism of the Range Rover Evoque and, incidentally, to fight a battle that is no trivial matter for the european automotive industry.

What is certain is that it is a movement somewhat surprising. A plagiarism car doesn’t fool anyone and we find it hard to believe that this Landwind X7 is going to have a chance of competing with the Range Rover Evoque. Maybe that’s why rarely we become aware of the movements in court. But apparently Land Rover has not wanted to let it pass.

This week there was a lawsuit against the Landwind X7 of the chinese company Jiangling claiming that it had infringed the copyright of the Range Rover Evoque, obviously in the hands of the group Jaguar Land Rover, a subsidiary of india’s Tata Motors. So we knew in Automotive News these days.


beyond the damage that can exercise the Landwind X7 the Range Rover Evoque, the helplessness before the plagiarism chinese, and the knowledge that these disputes rarely come forward, also deters european manufacturers taking legal action in these cases. In its day, the Honda took an initiative very similar to face a plagiarism of the Honda CR-V, and the case was delayed for twelve years. When it had been resolved, of course, that Honda CR-V was already out of print, and the compensation received Honda was patently ridiculous.

not to mention the setback for Land Rover that could mean that China’s understanding of the movement as an attack on its local industry. Let us remember that China maintains a strong protectionism for its industry, which begins to prevent a foreign manufacturer to produce locally, except that this narrow tie with one of his companies.


The million dollar question, now, is whether this litigation come to fruition. If Jaguar Land Rover to achieve its task would set a precedent, , for the automotive industry, and for the global industry. Although the automotive industry provides us with cases picturesque of plagiarism, the damage that is generated in other industries, such as fashion and sports products, are immense.

Told Automotive News that the drivers of chinese can be purchased in three Landwind X7 for the price of a Range Rover Evoque. And that even the small differences that are seen in the aesthetic, between one and another, could be saved with kits of accessories is very economical that are sold to accomplish this.

Chance or not. The sales of Jaguar Land Rover have sunk 20% this year (between January and march), in the same period in that years ago grew 36%, and in a moment the chinese market is growing 19%.