Land Rover Defender, three new people special editions farewell

land rover defender ediciones especiales 1 Land Rover Defender, tres nuevas ediciones espciales de despedida The Land Rover Defender is one of the purest SUVs we can find on sale today, with a very basic concept is the key to its success and which has allowed him to remain free changes of great significance for 67 years. Remains a model with a good level of sales given its characteristics, but the shelf life is coming to an end this year will bounce .

With such an iconic model is normal for Land Rover wanted pay tribute to Defender with a special edition. They sought a limited edition aunase characteristic elements of Defender throughout his years, although they were in the position to create three special editions because it is a car with a lot of history to summarize in a single interpretation .

Land Rover Defender Autobiography Edition

land rover defender ediciones especiales 3 Land Rover Defender, tres nuevas ediciones espciales de despedida The Defender Land Rover Autobiography Edition has been commissioned to capture the most modern and attractive part. This model sports a body bicolor black above the belt line and other colors to customer choice below. Well equipped and flashing white LED headlights, while the anagrams in glossy finish, aluminum handles, metal tank cap and footrests.

topped the whole tinted windows, Pans, alloy wheels 16 “with tires Goodyear Wrangler MT / R and anagrams own special edition. Inside the central panel is painted in the body color black and are leather seats and other interior areas also upholstered in this material. Metal inserts within provide shine.

In the mechanical include important developments since the turbo 122 horses and 360 Nm of torque has been boosted to deliver 150 horsepower and 400Nm . Only 80 units will be manufactured in versions 90 (short body). They begin their marketing in April at a price of around 78,900 euros .

Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition

land-rover-defender-ediciones-especiales-5 The Defender Heritage Edition draws attention for its successful retro aesthetic which resembles not so early models, but for a few decades ago. Its bright green body with white roof are a perfect combination. There are no big frills and steel rims are also painted in green. The front bumper is silver, like the hinges.

The front grille looks a retro look, although all flashers are transparent and not lacking anagrams commemorative special edition and a rubber flaps also aesthetic of another era. [1999003 ]

Inside not resort to retro chrome solutions and found several elements that provide higher quality feel, steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake mixed perforated leather upholstery fabric and vinyl and rubber mats. Chuck will be broader, with 400 units versions 90 and 110, including hard-top at first. From August will be available for a more moderate price of around 35,500 euros .

Land Rover Defender Adventure Edition

land-rover-defender-ediciones-especiales-2 can not deny that historically the Defender has been a car for expeditions . Adventurers have the Defender Adventure Edition, the most prepared for off-road and meet tough challenges. The body can be gray, white or orange, but always with the hood, roof, passes wheel and tailgate in black color. Off-road tires, low protection snorkeling and the roof complete off-road aesthetics.

Win some technological elements like LED headlights and within no lack leather upholstery, steering wheel and gear knob included and chrome fixtures. The engine also gets a plus with the same improvement Autobiography, with 150 horses and 400 Nm of torque. The print run is limited to 600 units of the short body and long. They arrive in dealerships in August with a starting price of 55,500 euros .

land-rover-defender-ediciones-especiales-4 Source – Land Rover

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