Land Rover Discovery 2017: bigger, spacious, light and technology

The new Discovery 2017.

After an early leak of the first images in the british press, Land Rover presented this afternoon on live the new Discovery 2017 at the Paris Salon the year 2016, the first of the brand to the parisian salon, and that the mark had been in charge of revealing little by little these last few weeks.

The keys of this new iteration of the SUV british are a greater interior spaciousness and latest technology Jaguar-Land Rover, wrapped up in a package of aesthetic about the Discovery to the rest of the models in the range, with the new design language that we can find in the Evoque, or the Discovery Sport. It is precisely with the latter with which it shares most of its lines, especially in the rear, although these details already, we were able to discern with the latest photos and videos of the prototypes development.

According to markets, we will be able to find us the new Discovery in versions of 5 or 7 seater, while your marketing planned for the spring of 2017. For the moment, the price of output has been revealed in the Uk alone, its market home. Are 43.495 Pounds that change added 50.489 euros, although their price in our market, possibly, it is significantly higher.

larger but much lighter.

Land Rover has used the same platform that has Range Rover, with great presence of aluminum in the frame, which has reduced the mass of the new Discovery 2017 in nothing less than 480 kilos with respect to the previous generation, which surely will be a positive advantage in terms of dynamics and consumption.

According to the brand, the 4,970 to go millimeters of the new Discovery 2017 allow its interior, which can accommodate up to 7 adults, making the third-row seats can accommodate adults of normal size, even with anchors ISOFIX.

Also premiered diesel mechanical, in version Discovery Sd4 we find a block diesel four-cylinder twin-turbo and 2.0-liter displacement, which has 240 HP and 500 Nm of torque. Under this and as the version of access we find the Td4, also 4-cylinder supercharged that will have 180 HP, improving consumption by up to 22 percent compared to its predecessor. For the moment, the highest version that is diesel will be the Td6 with a six-cylinder supercharged 258 HP and 600 Nm maximum torque.

it Can accommodate up to 7 adults.

The only version of gasoline announced it will be the Si6, a six-cylinder engine in V 3.0-litre 340 HP with 258 Nm of maximum torque.

The technological burden of the new Discovery is quite outstanding, with items like the system to reduce the height of the body up to 13 mm at speeds above 105 km/h, folding the third-row seats, automated, and accessible from the mobile application from the smartphone, bracelet surrogate keys to not have to upload them when we do sport activities, emergency braking system automatic Jaguar Land Rover up-to-date, that can detect pedestrians, whether adults or children, and it operates up to 80 km/h, between other a lot of technological developments.

In a few months what we will find on the market, thus completing the
complete renovation of the range Land Rover and Range Rover,
positioning itself as a strong competitor in the SUV segment and all
terrain premium.