Land Rover Discovery 2017, first spy photos of your new generation

The current Land Rover Discovery LR4 was presented in 2009. With more than half a decade in the market, you will come to the time of a renewal, and this is coming soon: Land Rover Discovery 2017 fifth generation is already in evidence, and in these enlightening spy photos we show you how for the first time, traveling on the road.

With its body fully covered by the new camouflage in black and white abstract motifs that adorns the latest test drives of Land Rover, its design can’t be hidden completely. The Land Rover Discovery LR5 will be a model of completely new development, something that in the history of the model has been produced traditionally in their generations, for a odd.

– like aesthetic with the latest Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016 are more evident, and its design will be less “square” and angular, with lines more modern and sports. The similarities in the front to bring the Discovery LR5 lenses and front grille is very similar to the ones already seen in the Discovery Sport, next to a particular C-pillar that will integrate a third surface glazed to the side, giving it continuity with the rear window.

If you remember the prototype Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept, presented in Hall of New York 2014, you can get an idea fairly representative of how the final design of the Discovery 2017 production, once devoid of all camouflage. Even so, in this unit evidence are distinguished in part details as the air intakes of your bumper or your rear lights.

Other new features of the new Discovery will arrive in its interior, or in its equipment, representing an important evolution in the model. Your technology deployment will be overwhelming, and we will see many of the innovations of Jaguar-Land Rover in terms of safety and attendance electronic. We hope that the Land Rover Discovery LR5 is this officially from the second half of 2016, coming to the market towards the end of the year or the beginning of 2017.