Land Rover Discovery Graphite, ecición special from 63.100 €

Land Rover Discovery GraphiteLand Rover announces a new special edition of your model more veteran, that is not therefore they care less. This is the Land Rover Discovery Graphite, on sale from 63.100 euros in Spain. At the end of October can already be carried out the first orders, although deliveries will not be effective until January of 2016. At the same time, Land Rover has launched the special edition Landmark for the Discovery, although this will not be available neither in Spain nor in Portugal.

The Land Rover Discovery Graphite takes as its starting point the level of termination, the third of four. Highlights on the outside by a gray finish to the door handles, the logos, the vents and the front grill, with a shiny black frame. The alloy wheels are 19″, with a design of seven twin-spoke and finished in dark grey, exclusive series special Graphite. All these details are independent of the nine body colors and three combinations interiors.

Land Rover Discovery GraphiteThe range mechanics of the Land Rover Discovery Graphite contemplates the two engines diesel V6 3.0-liter off-road, well with 211 horses or with 256 horses. In both cases the gearbox is eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive with low range. The base price are the above-mentioned 63.100 euros, although if you opt for the mechanical more powerful this is 65.600 euros.

Land Rover Discovery Graphite can opt for a number of extras among which are the power seats, the screens for the rear seats, the computer multimedia InControl Apps, access without a key, detector dead corners, climate control for the rear seats, vision cameras, 360°, center console refrigerated or a series of packs that include various elements of utility with lower prices.

Source – Land Rover

Land Rover Discovery Graphite
Land Rover Discovery Graphite
Land Rover Discovery Graphite
Land Rover Discovery Graphite

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